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Lesson Policies

Please read and agree to the following policies I operate under to ensure the best musical education for you and your children.

I can be contacted on 0402 381 415 or Please leave a message if you have called out of hours or during my teaching time.

Books and exam fees are in addition to Lesson fees.

Tuition is provided on a term basis. Fees are payable in advance and are to be paid by the last lesson of the previous term as your commitment for the new term or your lesson time will be offered to another student. Accounts will be handed out / emailed approximately the second last week of the previous term. An administration fee of $15 is added to every term invoice but this fee can be deducted for invoices paid by the due date. Please contact me if you don’t receive your account.

A $5 per week late fee will be charged for administration cost for collecting overdue accounts from the first lesson of the new term.


Half a term’s notice must be given prior to cancellation of lessons or 5 weeks fees must be paid in lieu. Once fees are paid for a term and you have commenced lessons for that term, your full commitment to that term is expected and no refund or transfer of fees will be available.

MISSED LESSONS – strictly adhered to.

Students can exchange 1 lesson per term if a student misses a lesson due to the student being ill (this does not include other family members) or school camp, provided that you:

  1. In the case of the student being ill, please contact me when the illness occurs and you are aware the student will be absent from the lesson. As much notice as possible is expected so another student can be offered your time if they are owed a lesson. Please call before 9am on the day of your scheduled lesson at the latest, or your lesson will be forfeited. Calls after 9am will mean your lesson will be forfeited as there will be no time to offer your lesson to another student waiting on an exchange lesson.

  2. In the case of school camp please inform me of the dates you will miss at the beginning of the term.

    An exchange lesson is not available if you are unable to bring your child to a lesson because of another commitment or have booked a holiday during the school term.

    Missed lessons where no notice is given will be forfeited.

    Please be very considerate in this area of missing lessons. Please do not schedule other appointments at the same time as your music lesson as exchange lessons may not be available. My schedule is quite full and there are few opportunities to exchange lessons with other students. When a student advises they will be absent an email will be sent out to all students who are waiting on an exchange lesson.


Exams are available at the teacher’s discretion. They are not compulsory but highly recommended as an important learning goal. Information such as the exam date and cost will be sent home when the student is ready for an exam.


Books that students require will be invoiced to you.

When you receive the invoice, please pay as soon as possible as books are not ordered until they are paid for. It can take 1-2 weeks for books to come into stock so the sooner the invoice is paid, the sooner students will receive the books.


Normal lessons will be scheduled on public holidays that occur in the normal duration of the school term unless otherwise specified.


It is recommended that only the student attending the lesson be present in the teaching room for the duration of the lesson. To get full value for the lesson time students need to have the opportunity to focus without distraction of other people including siblings, parents and friends in the teaching room.

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